Thursday, January 27, 2011

There is always a Beginning


Beginnings mean a start, a new and fresh story to tell and share with innumerable complete and utter strangers. 

This is mine and it's not bad. In fact, it could be more worser.

Today I planned to:

* finish a fucking huge pile of work. There it is: sitting in front of me, begging me to hurry up and take my thumbs out of my plumb ass and get started. Instead, I headed to the internet and started a blog.

* clean my tiny, stinky apartment. There it is: as malodorous and messy as yesterday. And the day before that, truth be pulled reluctantly from me. 

* exercise: core training to be exact. It says so in my sparkpeople schedule of cardio and strength training for Thursday. But I was grabbed on my way to the balance ball and forced to nap by a pair of miscreant pillows! Not my fault!

* finish a fucking huge pile of work... oh, I typed that already. Poo. That was the most important part of my day.  

But, dear readers, could I claim that It Could Be More Worser? 

Pretty easy, actually. But I won't dwell on my past career in Retail Hell. Or the Pure Hate I feel for certain people in my family (Hi Absent Daddy!). Or my pathetic lack of a sex life. 

Although the odds are, I will. I will dwell in horrible, technocolour detail that will make any party animal socialite head to a far away cave and live like a hermit. Should be fun. 

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